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Horoscoponegro: Supporting 1,600,000 visits per day

We’re engaged in providing information on astrology through various social media outlets. We’re very passionate about this world and are fully focused on the subject.

We have 3.2 million followers on Twitter, 8 million on Facebook and 2.1 million on Instagram.

Our website,, can have over 20 million visits per month. There are users on the site continually and avoiding service outages is essential. We see spikes in visits to the website whenever we send a Tweet or post on Facebook and need hosting that supports these with no problems.

Horóscopo Negro
99,9% Uptime Garantizado

38,000 concurrent visitors

visitas por día

1,600,000 visits per day


174,000,000 sessions in 2021

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Laura Ribas

Laura Ribas: We don’t fail at critical times

Laura Ribas is the person you can trust to build your empire on the Internet. She helps any entrepreneur, no matter how big, to polish up their dreams and make them come true.

She is an exemplary leader to guide you on the path to success, motivating you to achieve the freedom and lifestyle you seek. Laura’s own experience in keeping her digital business stable permanently means she’s ready to help others foster their talent.

A hosting provider needs to offer a reliable, rock-steady service. Problems cannot be tolerated. Our companies are so very highly dependent on the server living up to our campaigns. Nothing can fail, because errors of that type can lead to thousands of euros in losses.

Visitantes recurrentes

5,192,101 accesses in 2021

visitas por día

5,192,101 accesses in 2021


1,274,952 page views in 2021

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Vivir al máximo: Never go through a hack again

Ángel is passionate about life, about living life to the fullest.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, he has created his own lifestyle, allowing him to make a living from his online business while doing what he loves most in the world: traveling.

He shook off his fears, set his idea in motion, and now teaches others how to do that. But not everything was idyllic in his adventure. Ángel had to overcome hacking of his websites several times. That made him see the importance of being with a secure, reliable provider.

If my website isn’t up, people can’t read my articles, they can’t buy my products… in short, my business depends on it.

Ángel Alegre

3,298,865 total visits in 2021


11,785 visits per day in 2021


6,581,755 page views in 2021