Transfer Domain

If you have a domain contracted with another provider, you can transfer it to Webempresa and manage it with us.

If you want to buy a new domain, you can register it with us.

This is an administrative process that will have no effect on domain functionality.

Transferir dominios
lige un dominio relacionado con tu actividad o con tu marca

Prepare your domain in the current provider

Your domain name should make it easy to recognize you. If you already have a brand, you can use it, or you can create one for your website. It is also a good idea to use words related to your business or activity.
Los nombres cortos y sencillos son más fáciles de recordar

Start the transfer and follow all the steps in the process

Try to use simple words and make sure the domain name doesn’t have too many characters. Your domain name will mean your customers or visitors know how to get to your website, so you need to make it very easy to remember and to enter.
Utiliza las extensiones de dominio más adecuadas para tu web

Enjoy another year of service with Webempresa

The .com extension is the most commonly used, but you can choose any other that is appropriate to your website. If you register your domain with multiple extensions, you will protect your brand so that no one else can use it.

What domain name extensions can you transfer?

We have multiple options for your brand to be positioned on the web.


Register or transfer by 14,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 13,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 13,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 15,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 15,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 15,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 15,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 21,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 31,95$USD/year


Register or transfer by 23,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 13,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 39,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 16,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 29,99$USD/year


Register or transfer by 15,99$USD/year

Prepare your domain for transfer

El dominio debe estar activo

The domain must be active

And ideally you should start the transfer at least 15 days before its expiry date.
El dominio debe estar activo

The domain must be unlocked

You must disable the transfer lock, except with .es and .eu domains because they don’t have this locking.
Acceso al email de contacto administrativo

Access the administrative contact’s email

Especially in .es domains, because you will receive an email to confirm acceptance of the transfer.
Authcode o código de autorización EPP

EPP authorization code or authcode

You must obtain this code from the source provider, except for .es domains, as they don’t have this code.
Tiempo transcurrido desde el registro o última transferencia del dominio

60 days from registration or last transfer

It must have been 60 days since the domain was registered or last transferred, except for .es and .eu domains.
Tiempo transcurrido desde el último cambio del titular

60 days from the last change of holder

It must have been 60 days since the last change in domain holder data, except for .es and .eu domains.

Services included with your domain

Panel de control

Control panel

When you activate your domain you will have access to a control panel from which you can manage all the changes you need: Modify DNSs, edit and hide Whois data, lock and unlock your domain, renew it, etc.

Panel de control

Whois data privacy

Activating free Whois privacy on your domains will prevent display of your personal data in search engines. This option is not available for .es domains because the regulations for them don’t allow it.

Panel de control

Security lock

Your domain will be more secure with transfer locking, because you will prevent anyone else from transferring it to another provider without your authorization. You can lock and unlock your domain whenever you need to.

Panel de control

Domain redirecting

If you register your domain in Webempresa without buying a hosting service, you can activate a free Domains Plan. This plan will enable you to edit the DNS zones for your domains and set up redirects in domains and subdomains.

Panel de control

Free parking page

If you don’t buy a hosting service for your domain, you can publish a free parking page with the Domain Plan. You can use this page to publish your contact information or a countdown to the publication of your website, for example.

Panel de control

24-hour, year round support

We know how important it is to be able to call on someone quickly when you need them most. That’s why our support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, year round (including weekends and holidays).

Tools to help you manage your domains

Buscador Whois

Whois lookup

Use our lookup to view Whois public contact data for a domain.
You can check out the data for any domain registered, but please be aware that no personal data will be displayed if the domain has Whois privacy enabled.
Propagación DNS

DNS propagation

When the DNSs for a domain are updated, the change can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate across the Internet. Our tool lets you check the DNS propagation status of your domains and see the areas where the change has been applied.
Reporte de casos de abuso

Reporting cases of abuse

If you notice a case of abuse or infringement related to a domain managed by Webempresa, please use our contact form to report it. Our legal team will check it and contact you as soon as possible to give you a response.
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