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DNS zone management and redirecting

If you manage your domains with us, but not a hosting service, you can activate your domain plan free of charge.

This plan will enable you to fully manage the DNSs for your domains, set up redirects and enable domain parking at no additional cost.

Parking gratuito de dominios
Editor de zonas DNS<br />

DNS zone editor

The DNS zone editor lets you create, edit, or delete DNS records. You will be able to configure A, CNAME, MX, TXT and SRV records to use your domain with external Internet services.

This is especially useful when you don’t have your own hosting service and you want to use your domain with external email services (such as gmail), blogging platforms (such as blogger or or photo and video storage services.

Redirección de dominios<br />

Domain redirection

Redirects let you re-route people visiting one of your domains to another domain or to another specific URL. Our tool lets you configure permanent (301) or temporary (302) redirects.

For example, if you have registered several extensions for your domain name to protect your brand on the Internet (.com, .es, .net, etc.), you can redirect them all to the main domain extension you are using to display your website.

Parking de dominios<br />

Domain parking

The parking service is used so you can show content in those domains you aren’t using with a hosting service. You can display the content we offer you in Webempresa by default, or create custom content with our site publisher.

If you opt for the publisher, you can choose to publish a vCard, a short résumé or a page with a countdown. All you have to do is choose a template and fill out a form with the data you want to show, and you can have it published in less than a minute.



Publish a virtual card with your contact details, business address, and social media profiles. This will give you your own online presence without needing to create a website.
Currículum online<br />

Online résumé

Publish your résumé under your own domain name so companies or customers can check out your profile and experience at any time.
Cuenta atrás<br />


Show a page with a countdown timer to explain that your website is under construction and to announce your site’s scheduled publication date.
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Don’t yet have your domain in Webempresa?

Dominio gratuito

Register your domain in Webempresa

Use our search engine to find the perfect domain name for your website and choose from all the extensions we have available. You can register your domain with several extensions to protect your brand on the Internet.
Migración gratuita

Transfer your domain to Webempresa

If you already have a domain with another provider, you can transfer it to us for management. This is a simple process and will add an extra year of service to your domain when completed.

The advantages of having your domain in Webempresa

Velocidad de carga

Speed: Immediate activation

Our automatic system activates your domain immediately after you request registration. So you can start using it quickly and you protect the name you choose from being registered by other people interested in it.

Seguridad: Registrador Acreditado<br />

Security: Accredited Registrar

We are a Registrar accredited by both ICANN and, the major domain name system regulatory entities. With their backing, we offer you the greatest safeguards in managing your domains.

Panel de control

Support: 24 hours, 365 days

We know how important it is to be able to call on someone quickly when you need them most. That’s why our support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, year round (including weekends and holidays).

Panel de control

Control panel

When you activate your domain you’ll have access to a control panel from which you can manage all the changes you need: Modify DNSs, edit and hide Whois data, lock and unlock your domain, renew it, etc.

Panel de control

Whois data privacy

Activating free Whois privacy on your domains will prevent display of your personal data in search engines.
This option isn’t available for .es domains because their regulations don’t allow it.

Panel de control

Security lock

Your domain will be more secure with transfer locking, because you will prevent anyone else from transferring it to another provider without your authorization. You can lock and unlock your domain whenever you need to.

Tools to help you manage your domains

Buscador Whois

Whois lookup

Use our lookup to view Whois public contact data for a domain.
You can check out the data for any domain registered, but please be aware that no personal data will be displayed if the domain has Whois privacy enabled.
Propagación DNS

DNS propagation

When the DNSs for a domain are updated, the change can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate across the Internet. Our tool lets you check the DNS propagation status of your domains and see the areas where the change has been applied.
Reporte de casos de abuso

Reporting cases of abuse

If you notice a case of abuse or infringement related to a domain managed by Webempresa, please use our contact form to report it. Our legal team will check it and contact you as soon as possible to give you a response.
Soporte humano 24x7

Human support 24x7x365

Support is one of our strong points.

We are always on hand and ready to help you with your domains, because we know it’s very important to be able to call on someone when you need them.

We offer support tailored to your needs, adapted to your level of knowledge, to make things easy for you.

Many have already taken the leap!

66.381 customers already have their websites happily hosted with us

AACC testimonio Webempresa

Fast and efficient web

I am delighted with Webempresa.
My Gestalt therapy website works quickly and efficiently.
Just as Gestalt therapy seeks the integration of the parts and the overall experience of the individual, a quality hosting service such as the one offered by Webempresa offers an environment in which all aspects of a website work harmoniously and fluidly.

Thank you very much for the excellent attention!

Lydia Viñerta Muñoz

AACC testimonio Webempresa

Empathy 100%

I had several problems that affected my personal web project.

After hesitating for a while, I contacted them and after commenting on them, they understood me perfectly and gave me options that I did not contemplate and that made my project move forward.

In addition to the service that they have given me during the 3 years that I have been here, they have also managed to win me over due to their empathy and the good treatment they have given me.

Thank you so much


AACC testimonio Webempresa

Reliability, personalized treatment and speed of response

100% recommended. Available 24 hours a day and very fast in responses.

Migrating with them from was a breeze.

His blog is very complete, you have resources to learn everything: positioning, WooCommerce, cPanel…

Always backed by a team of professionals that in the end makes you feel like one of them.

Undoubtedly the best option.


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