24×7 Hosting Support

Support is one of our strong points.

We’re always on hand to help you, because we know it is important to be able to call on someone when you need them.

We offer support tailored to your needs, adapted to your level of knowledge, to make things easy for you so you can focus on your project.

Canales de soporte Webempresa

Whatsupport channels can you see?

We have three support channels you can use, depending on your needs: Our bots, our ticket system and our specialized WordPress support forum.

We use artificial intelligence so the bot team responds to the most frequent queries immediately, with no waiting, and our human team is always there for everything else.

Both bots and humans are on hand 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The average bot response time is measured in seconds 😉 And the average human team response time in the ticket system is 30 minutes.

Ticket system

This is a message exchange system similar to email you can use from your client area. It lets you assign each query to the most appropriate department and set a priority level for us to take into account when providing you with assistance.

Human-monitored chatbots

We’ve created a team of chatbots to give immediate answers to the most common questions. All their responses have been created by our support team, and bot activity is monitored by humans to ensure the best service.

Specialized support forum

Our WordPress specialists answer queries through our forum. Anyone can read the questions and the published answers, so as well as helping our clients, we share know-how with the community.

What kind of support can we offer you?

Hosting support

Available 24x7x365 for all hosting plans. We help you with everything you need so you can host your website and create your email accounts. You can place questions about hosting through our bots and to our team through the ticket system.





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Domain support

Available 24x7x365 for all clients with hosting services and/or domains. We help you register, transfer, and configure your domains.
You can clear up any doubts by asking our bots and our team through the ticket system.




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WordPress support

Available 24x7x365 for clients with hosting services, including forum access. The threads on WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop are public and anyone can view them, but we won’t publish your personal data or private information about your services.
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What kind of queries does each support service address?

Technical support for your hosting service

Consultas sobre el servicio de alojamiento y el servidor
Hosting service and server queries
Consultas sobre WePanel y FTP
WePanel and FTP queries
Consultas sobre la gestión de correo electrónico
Email management queries
WordPress and Joomla installation queries
Icono certificado SSL
Queries on security and SSL

Support for your domain management

Dominio gratis
Domain registration
Transferencia de dominios
Domain transfer
Gestión de DNS
DNS management
Datos Whois y privacidad
Whois data and privacy
Icono Envíos de spam por correo electrónico
Ownership and dispute resolution

WordPress technical support forum

In WordPress, Woocommerce, and web hosting lines, clients with Medium and Maxi, L and XL plans and with all Reseller hosting plans have access to a forum.
In the Elastic hosting line of service, clients who have signed up for a Professional plan (6 GB) or any other higher level plan have access to a forum.
All clients who have bought a Divi hosting plan have access to specialized WordPress and Divi support through our forum.

Queries about WordPress, Joomla, and PrestaShop use and operation


Queries about free WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop extensions

No incluido

We don’t offer support for making changes in WordPress, Joomla, and Prestashop programming or CSS styles and their templates

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We don’t offer support on issues relating to the use and operation of paid templates or extensions

We don’t have phone support

We decided years ago to stop offering phone support because we found it ineffective. We moved away from the typical “I’ll pass you to the right department for…” and “all our operators are busy”.

We have opted for the quality offered by our bots and our ticket system. We receive your inquiries immediately and attend to them quickly in order of priority, assigning them to the most suitable person to give you a decisive respon

SOS! I need help urgently. What can I do?

No hay soporte telefónico

Answer is not solve

We don’t aim to respond fast, we aim to resolve problems fast. The majority of responses to phone queries are to refer the client to another department and finally to a written channel. We don’t want to waste your time 😉

To solve, you have to analyze

We need the client’s details and check their service to be able to resolve technical or administrative queries. When we receive your query, we initiate the necessary checks immediately and give you an initial problem-solving response.

We reduce the response time

Our bots can answer all the usual questions that don’t need checking. They get you an answer in a matter of seconds and have the capacity to serve thousands of people at once, with no waiting.


How can I create a ticket?

You can create a ticket from your client area by following the steps explained in this guide: How to create a ticket.

This other guide gives you some tips on how to frame your questions, so we understand right from the start what you need and can get you a solution faster: How to create a query in ticketing and/or a forum to get to a solution faster.

How can I see your response to my tickets?

You can see our answer in the tickets section of your client area, and we’ll also send a copy to your email address. We explain it in detail in this guide: How to create and respond to tickets.

Bear in mind that even if you receive a copy of the response to your email, you should not respond to that email. You need to access your client area both to open and to respond to tickets. We can quickly identify you as a client that way and have all the information we need to respond to you better and faster.

Can I request support by writing to you over email?

You can write to us at comercial@webempresa.com if you have any problems sending tickets or accessing your client area.

For security reasons though (because there could be private information in the tickets), and so we can serve you better, you should always send your queries by opening a ticket from your client area.

Where can I find the chatbots?

Our chatbots are available on our website and in the client area. WeBot is webempresa.com’s chatbot that will help you with general queries and marketing information. But if what you need to do is raise technical or administrative queries, you’ll need to turn to TecBot or GesBot, which are in the client area.

How many chatbots do you have and what topics does each one tackle?

We have four chatbots available to help you:

  • WeBot: is on webempresa.com and can help you with general information and commercial queries.
  • TecBot: is in the client area and can help you with technical queries.
  • GesBot: is in the client area and can help you with administrative and domain management queries.
  • UniBot: is at Webempresa University and can help you with queries about the operation of our online academy and the courses we offer in it.

How do I request access to the forum to raise queries?

If you have a hosting plan that includes access to the forum, you can create your account to make queries from your client area. This guide shows you how to do this step by step: Access to the forum.
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General client guidelines

You can find lots of answers right away in our guides. These explain step by step what procedures you need to know to use your hosting service, your email, and your domains. We also have guides on administrative and commercial matters, and information on our affiliate and referral programs.
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WordPress guides

The team of CMS specialists who attend to our support forum have created guides on WordPress, WooCommerce, and Joomla to help you manage your CMS.
They have lots of quite detailed technical articles covering the most frequent queries we receive in the forum.