.com.co domains

It is the third level extension of .co, ideal if your website is oriented to the Colombian public.

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Whois Privacy

Transfer lock

Register your domain for only 15,99$/year
*If you already have a registered domain, you can transfer it to Webempresa.
Dominio .com.co

.com.co Domain registration information

Uso de caracteres

Use of characters in .com.co domains

It must contain between 2 and 63 characters. You can include both letters (from A to Z) and/or numbers (from 0 to 9).
Duración del registro

Duration of .com.co domain registration

You can register a .com.co domain for 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 years.
Dominios IDN

IDN domains

It accepts IDN domains with multilingual characters such as “á,à,é,è,í,ï,ó,ò,ú,ü,ñ,ç,l·l”.
Requisitos especiales

Special requirements to buy .com.co domains

There are no special requirements for registration.
Ocultación de datos Whois

Whois data hiding in .com.co domains

Whois data privacy can be activated for .com.co domains.
Bloqueo de transferencia

Transfer lock

It has a transfer lock so it doesn't move without your permission.

.com.co domain life cycle

Dominio disponible<br />

Available domain

In this first phase the domain is free and can be registered. Any user can request the registration of a domain available through an accredited Registrar Agent and become its owner.


The domain name is registered and can be active from 1 to 5 years. This is the period of the first registration, but if the holder decides to renew it, he can keep the domain active for as long as he wishes.
Fecha de vencimiento<br />

Due date

When the expiration date of the domain arrives, if it is not renewed, the domain expires. At that time, all services related to the domain become inactive: the website, email accounts, etc.
Período de gracia<br />

Grace period

If the domain is not renewed before the expiration date, it enters a grace period that lasts between 30 and 45 days. During this period, the domain remains inactive, but it can be recovered at the normal renewal price.
Período de redención<br />

Redemption Period

If the domain is not renewed during the grace period, it goes into a redemption status for 30 days. A domain in redemption can be recovered and renewed, but at a higher price than the normal renewal fee.
Período de eliminación<br />


If it is not reactivated in the redemption phase, the domain will be deleted, and any user can be the owner if they register it.

.com.co domain transfer

Inicio de la transferencia<br />

Start of transfer

.com.co domains can be transferred as long as 60 days have passed since their registration, transfer or change of owner. It is advisable to start the transfer at least 15 days before the expiration date in case there are unforeseen events.
Requisitos especiales para la transferencia<br />

Special requirements for transfer

.com.co domains need to be unlocked at the provider of origin so they can be transferred. The authcode or EPP code must also be obtained to facilitate it when requesting the transfer.
The price of the transfer is 15,99$
 dominio debe estar desbloqueado
Domain must be unlocked at source registrar
Días de transferencia
It is normally transferred between 7 and 10 calendar days
Las DNS no se modifican
The DNS are not modified during the process
Se añade un año de servicio al dominio al transferirlo
One year of service is added to the domain upon transfer

.com.co domain renewal

Renovación de dominios
You can renew your .com.co domain at any time, without having to wait for the expiration date. You can renew it for as many years as you want, as long as the term of validity of the domain does not exceed 5 years in total.

What happens if the domain is not renewed before the expiration date?

If you don’t renew your domain before the expiration date arrives, it will be inoperative. When the domain expires, all the services related to it stop working: website, email accounts, etc.

Frequently asked questions about .com.co domains

Para qué se utilizan

What are .com.co domains used for?

The .com.co domain extension is a third-level extension of the .co, the territorial extension or ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) for Colombia. The body in charge of managing and regulating this extension is .CO Internet SAAS. This extension also has the third level extension .com.co. It is advisable to register your domain with this extension if your website is focused on Colombian territory.

DNS update in .com.co domains

The DNS of a .com.co domain can be modified at any time at the provider where the domain is managed. At Webempresa we provide you with a control panel where you can check the DNS assigned to the domain and also modify them. The DNS change takes effect immediately on the domain, but must propagate throughout the network. This propagation can take 6-12 hours to complete, typically.
Actualización de DNS en dominios
Cambio de datos Whois en dominios

Change of Whois data in .com.co domains

The whois data of all the contacts of the .com.co domain (owner, administrative, technical, billing) can be changed at any time at the provider where the domain is managed. Keep in mind that the owner contact is the legal owner of the domain. If you modify these data, a change of ownership is made and the domain will become the property of the new person or entity that appears in that contact.
Is it advisable to use .com.co domains with ñ?
.com.co domains do not allow special characters such as ñ.
Are there .com.co domains that are reserved or that cannot be registered?
There is no specific list of reserved domains that you cannot register. But we do recommend that before buying a domain in your name, check if the brand is already registered or there is a company related to the domain (such as other extensions under the same name).
Can I assign my company data in Whois contacts to the .com.codomain?
Yes, you can assign your company data to all contacts in the .com.co domains
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