.org domains

The .org domain extension was created in 1985 and is intended for websites of organizations and associations.

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Whois Privacy

Transfer lock

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Dominio .org

.org Domain registration information

Uso de caracteres

Use of characters in .org domains

It is allowed to include from 3 and up to 63 characters in length. These can be the "a" to "z" characters, digits from 0 through 9 and the hyphen if it is not at the beginning. Two consecutive hyphens '-' in the 3rd and 4th position are not allowed.
Duración del registro

Duration of .org domain registration

You can register a .org domain for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 years.
Dominios IDN

IDN domains

They support IDN domains with multilingual characters such as “á,à,é,è,í,ï,ó,ò,ú,ü,ñ,ç,l l,”
Requisitos especiales

Special requirements to buy .org domains

The registration of .org domains does not have any special requirements, neither of residence nor at a technical level.
Ocultación de datos Whois

Whois data hiding in .org domains

.org domains allow the hiding of Whois data.
Bloqueo de transferencia

Transfer lock

.org domains have a security lock to prevent unwanted transfers.

.org domain life cycle

Dominio disponible<br />

Available domain

In this first phase the domain is free and can be registered. Any user can request registration through an accredited Registrar Agent and become the owner of the domain.


The domain name is registered and can be active from 1 to 10 years. This is the period of the first registration, but if the holder decides to renew it, he can keep the domain active for as long as he wishes.
Fecha de vencimiento<br />

Due date

When the expiration date of the domain arrives, if it is not renewed, the domain expires. At that time, all services related to the domain become inactive: the website, email accounts, etc.
Período de gracia<br />

Grace period

If the domain is not renewed before the expiration date, it enters a grace period that lasts between 30 and 45 days. During this period, the domain remains inactive, but it can be recovered at the normal renewal price.
Período de redención<br />

Redemption Period

If the domain is not renewed during the grace period, it goes into a redemption status for 30 days. A domain in redemption can be recovered and renewed, but at a higher price than the normal renewal fee.
Período de eliminación<br />


If the domain is not renewed during the grace or redemption period, at the end of the period it remains in the process of deletion for about 5 days. When it is deregistered, it becomes available again for registration by any user.

.org domain transfer

Inicio de la transferencia<br />

Start of transfer

.org domains can be transferred as long as 60 days have passed since their registration, transfer or change of owner. It is advisable to start the transfer at least 15 days before the expiration date in case there are unforeseen events.
Requisitos especiales para la transferencia<br />

Special requirements for transfer

.org domains need to be unlocked at the provider of origin before they can be transferred. The authcode or EPP code must also be obtained to facilitate it when requesting the transfer.
The price of the transfer is 15,99$
 dominio debe estar desbloqueado
Domain must be unlocked at source registrar
Días de transferencia
It is normally transferred between 6 and 10 calendar days
Las DNS no se modifican
The DNS are not modified during the process
Se añade un año de servicio al dominio al transferirlo
One year of service is added to the domain upon transfer

.org domain renewal

Renovación de dominios
You can renew your .org domain at any time, without having to wait for the expiration date. You can renew it for as many years as you want, as long as the term of the domain does not exceed 10 years in total.

What happens if the domain is not renewed before the expiration date?

If you don’t renew your domain before the expiration date arrives, it will be inoperative. When the domain expires, all the services related to it stop working: website, email accounts, etc.

Frequently asked questions about .org domains

Para qué se utilizan

What are .org domains used for?

The .org domain extension was created in 1985, and was originally an extension intended for association or organization websites. Today .org domains are used for any type of web because it is one of the best-known extensions. The body in charge of regulating this extension is ICANN, which has delegated its management to the Public Internet Registry. If you are looking for a domain for your NGO, another type of organization or an association, this is one of the extensions that you should choose.

DNS update in .org domains

The DNS of a .com domain can be modified at any time at the provider where the domain is managed. At Webempresa we provide you with a control panel where you can check the DNS assigned to the domain and also modify them. The DNS change takes effect immediately on the domain, but must propagate throughout the network. This propagation can take 6-12 hours to complete, typically.
Actualización de DNS en dominios
Cambio de datos Whois en dominios

Change of Whois data in .org domains

The whois data of all the domain contacts (owner, administrative, technical, billing) can be changed at any time at the provider where the domain is managed. If the name, surname, organization, identity document or email account is updated in the data of the owner contact, a process of change of domain owner will begin, which must be accepted by both the current owner contact and the new one to make it effective. If the data of the holder is changed, the domain cannot be transferred to another provider in the 60 days following the change.
Is it advisable to use .org domains with ñ?
We advise against adding a special symbol that is typical of the language (ñ, ç or an accent), since these are domains called IDN or Internationalized Domain Names. The reason is that they cause problems when managing email accounts, among other things. For example, known mail managers (Windows Mail, Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook) do not successfully send or receive messages for this type of domain. What you can do is register them to protect your brand and redirect them to the domain that you finally use for your website and your email.
Are there .org domains that are reserved or that cannot be registered?
Although there are no reserved names when registering a .org domain, we recommend you not include trademarks or registered names, since the owner could sue you and claim the domain
Can I assign my company data in Whois contacts to the .orgdomain?
Yes, you can assign both company and individual data to any whois contact of the .org domain
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