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Transfer lock

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Dominio .tel

.tel Domain registration information

Uso de caracteres

Use of characters in .tel domains

It is allowed to use a minimum of 2 and up to 63 characters in lenght, local language characters, digits from 0 to 9, and hyphen, if it does not appear at the beginning or at the end of the domain.
Duración del registro

Duration of .tel domain registration

A .tel domain can be registered for up to 10 years. It may be renewed later as long as this limit is not exceeded.
Dominios IDN

IDN domains

Support multilingual characters such as “á,à,é,è,í,ï,ó,ò,ú,ü,ñ,ç,l·l”.
Requisitos especiales

Special requirements to buy .tel domains

There are no special requirements for registration.
Ocultación de datos Whois

Whois data hiding in .tel domains

You can hide whois data for free at Webempresa.
Bloqueo de transferencia

Transfer lock

You can lock the domain to prevent improper transfers from third parties.

.tel domain life cycle

Dominio disponible<br />

Available domain

If the domain is free, you can register the domain with a domain registrar or provider to become the sole owner.


You can register it from 1 to 10 years maximum. You can renew it whenever you want, without exceeding this time limit.
Fecha de vencimiento<br />

Due date

It is the last day the domain will be active. If you do not renew it before this date, it will expire and all related services (web, mail...) will stop working.
Período de gracia<br />

Grace period

If the domain is not renewed upon arrival, its expiration date enters a grace period of 0 to 45 days, depending on the registrar. During this period, the domain remains inactive, but it can be renewed in the normal way at the provider that manages it.
Período de redención<br />

Redemption Period

If the grace period ends and you haven't renewed yet, you automatically go into a redemption phase. You have 30 days to recover it, but at a much higher price than the renewal price.
Período de eliminación<br />


When the redemption period ends, the domain goes into a deletion phase, in which the domain cannot be recovered and will be free in the following days.

.tel domain transfer

Inicio de la transferencia<br />

Start of transfer

It is essential to have access to management to unlock the domain and obtain the authcode. It must be started from the new provider at least 15 days before the expiration date in case any problem arises.
Requisitos especiales para la transferencia<br />

Special requirements for transfer

The domain must be unlocked, correct authcode, and registered more than 60 days ago.
The price of the transfer is 21,99$
 dominio debe estar desbloqueado
.tel domains do have transfer blocking.
Días de transferencia
It will take 7-10 days if you meet the requirements.
Las DNS no se modifican
The DNS are not modified during the process
Se añade un año de servicio al dominio al transferirlo
One year of service is added to the domain upon transfer

.tel domain renewal

Renovación de dominios
The invoice to renew your .tel domain is issued 30 days before the expiration date. If you don't want to wait until then, you can request the renewal at the time you want from the client area, without exceeding the maximum of 10 years from the current day.

What happens if the domain is not renewed before the expiration date?

If you don’t renew your domain before the expiration date arrives, it will be inoperative. When the domain expires, all the services related to it stop working: website, email accounts, etc.

Frequently asked questions about .tel domains

Para qué se utilizan

What are .tel domains used for?

Domains with a .tel extension are mainly oriented to web pages for telecommunications. That is, if your business is related to telecommunications, and you want to make yourself visible in this sector, this is the extension you should choose for your domain.

DNS update in .tel domains

The DNS update for .tel domains is immediate. If you register a domain with this extension, or request a DNS change, they will be updated in a matter of minutes. DNS propagation will start and complete within the next hour, and may take up to 12 hours.
Actualización de DNS en dominios
Cambio de datos Whois en dominios

Change of Whois data in .tel domains

The change of whois data is carried out at the provider where the .cat domain is managed. In our case, from the client area you can update the whois information of all the domain contacts in a matter of minutes. If you modify the name, surname, company, NIF or email of the owner contact, a process of change of owner will begin that will have to be validated by email.
Is it advisable to use .tel domains with ñ?
It is not advisable to register domains that contain a special symbol (such as ñ, ç or an accent). They are called IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) domains. The domain is registered as you typed it and will be valid for normal use, but translation into a different format is required for the services to work with the domain. For example, the domain españa.tel translates into xn--espaa-rta.tel, and it will be as it appears for services, such as mail. For our part we do not recommend it.
Are there .tel domains that are reserved or that cannot be registered?
There is no specific list of reserved domains that you cannot register. But we do recommend that before buying a domain in your name, check if the brand is already registered or there is a company related to the domain (such as other extensions under the same name).
Can I assign my company data in Whois contacts to the .teldomain?
Yes, you can assign your company data to all contacts in .tel domains.
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