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SuperMigrator – Free Website Migration to Webempresa

When you take up any hosting plan with Webempresa, we offer you the chance to move your WordPress and Joomla from your current provider to the new server with us.

The website to be transferred must be working in a URL accessible from the Internet, and you need to have the FTP access data.

If you have your website locally, you can upload it from the control panel (WePanel). We’ll provide you with the information and support so you can do it with no problems.

If you don’t know your FTP data, you will need to ask your current provider for it.

Here is the information on SuperMigrator, so you can take advantage of all the possibilities and avoid confusion or problems with your transfer.

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SuperMigrator in 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Login to your Client Area – Hosting – Website Transfer
  • Step 2: Enter the access data for the website you want to transfer: Address and FTP data
  • Step 3: SuperMigrator checks that the source data is correct and asks you for the destination folder in our hosting. If you have a WePanel in your previous hosting, SuperMigrator will ask you if you want to move your entire hosting account from WePanel to WePanel, if you have your website in, it will tell you the steps to take.
  • Step 4: You receive an email telling you that you now have your website in our hosting service. You’ll be able to see your website in a temporary domain, so you can check everything is ok. Your website and email keep loading seamlessly with your current provider.
  • Step 5: Once you’ve checked it, you just need to apply a simple change to your domain so it stops looking for the website in the previous provider and loads it from the hosting you activated with Webempresa. This is what we call a DNS change. Your email will also start to go through our hosting at that time. We’ll give you instructions for easy creation of the email accounts you are using.


Please note that domain transfer and website transfer are independent processes.

You can leave the domain with another provider and only change your hosting or move the domain over to us. In either case, until you give the indication to publish, we don’t change the DNSs, so there are no interruptions in website service or to your mail service.

When you have your website cloned in Webempresa hosting, you’ve checked it from the temporary URL, and you’ve registered in Webempresa the same email accounts you had in your previous provider, that’s when you apply the DNS domain change.

When that change propagates, you will be working 100% in Webempresa hosting.

Bear in mind that once you have transferred your website, any changes you make to your published Website won’t appear in the one in our hosting.

If you are updating your website frequently, keep the time between website transfer and domain DNS change down to 24 hours or less.

What kind of website can I move from another provider to Webempresa?

With SuperMigrator you can only move WordPress- and Joomla-based websites.

If you have WePanel with your current provider, we can move the entire account: all kinds of websites, emails, settings, etc.

The transfer doesn’t include making changes of any kind to your website. What you have in your previous provider will be in, with the only exception being a security check.

If you want to transfer a website not created in one of the three CMSs mentioned, you can do that from our control panel (WePanel).

Check with our sales team whether we support the platform your website is built on to confirm that for you.

For example, we do support simple websites in HTML, Flash, Moodle, Drupal, etc., but we don’t support Ruby, Phyton, Node, or Rails.

How many websites can I move?

With SuperMigrator you can move all the websites you want. This will always be one at a time, because simultaneous transfers of several websites are not allowed.

If your current provider was offering you WePanel as a hosting control panel, SuperMigrator will transfer all the hosting complete, that is, all the websites you have, emails, etc.

If you’re signing up for a Reseller account with us and currently use WHM as your control panel, SuperMigrator will also move your entire WHM setup.

To be able to transfer your entire WePanel or WHM, your current provider must allow backups of these control panels, otherwise you’ll have to use the SuperMigrator system for a website.

Will I be left without service while you transfer my website?

No, the website published in your current hosting will keep working without interruptions

The transfer can take up to 12 hours, depending on the number of files and size of the databases. Transfers in which the accesses provided are correct and your current (external) hosting presents no problems are usually completed within 4 hours from when you run SuperMigrator.

You’ll have a temporary URL or domain so you can see how your website works in our hosting. Don’t worry, this domain won’t be tracked by Google, and there is no risk of you being penalized for duplicate content

Once you have the copy of your website in our hosting, bear in mind that any change in your published website won’t appear in the website on our server until you modify the domain DNSs.

I have more information in my current hosting, such as email. Do you move that too?

Yes 🙂

If you have emails stored on another server, you can migrate them easily to your Webempresa hosting with our Email Migrator tool.

You just need to have access to your current mail via IMAP. 99% of providers have IMAP access.

I have my website on Can I use SuperMigrator?

We can only move your content for transfers from doesn’t let you move templates, layouts, or plugins.

In those cases, once you have a copy of your content in Webempresa hosting, you can add the layouts/themes or plugins you need (the ones you had and others) to your website. You won’t have the limitations in Webempresa you had until then in

You don’t need FTP access data for transfers from The only data SuperMigrator will ask for is the URL of your website, together with the user name and password.

Special cases

We can’t guarantee proper operation of a website on our servers in all cases.

For example, you could have 777 permissions in your previous hosting or external PHP scripts that don’t run as expected in Webempresa, due our security policies, because our server has tighter security measures.

Other incidents could occur too due to security issues such as: links with absolute paths which were working on the previous server but need you to change them on the new one, or that some PHP functions such as exec are blocked on our servers.

If we find malware, viruses, Trojans, or any security problems on your website, we’ll manually check and clean the website to be able to move it infection-free. The process may take 24 hours in this case, and we’ll let you know if you have to apply any additional processes, such as updating all the extensions or taking some additional security measures, for example, changing a vulnerable extension, etc.

In the case of transferring websites with extensions or commercial layouts, you’ll need to have the original layout, template, or extension files, so that if we detect infections on the website during the transfer, we can restore the original commercial files.

Changing hosting rarely generates incidents. On the contrary you can check that your website loads faster (and that will help you improve your SEO)

If SuperMigrator can’t move the website automatically, let our Transfers Department know and they will make the transfer manually.

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