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We clear up any doubts you may have about our hosting products and associated services for managing your websites..


Are the servers yours?

Our service is offered as shared hosting. The servers are owned by Webempresa and are managed only by Webempresa’s systems technicians.

We have servers in Europe and North America. By default, the IP addresses assigned to all hosting accounts are in the Spanish IP range. If you need a fixed IP geolocalized in another country, please contact our commercial department.

What does it mean when you say your servers have NVMe SSDs?

In Webempresa your website will be hosted on a high-performance NVMe SSD. Our hosting is designed to offer high loading speed for your website (which is fundamental for good positioning).

NVMe SSDs are solid-state FLASH drives, like typical USB pen drives, but in hard disk format. These are much faster and have very low failure rates because they have no moving parts.

Disk access is the bottleneck in 95% of cases in the hosting sector. NVMe SSDs solve this problem efficiently.

The same website in hosting with NVMe SSDs can take twice as long to load in the client browser with non-SSD drives, on average. This is more noticeable when you exceed one thousand visits per day.

In hosting without NVMe SSDs, you are usually invited to scale up to a VPS or Dedicated Server if your project grows, where you often have to manage security yourself.

NVMe SSDs also enable very good handling of peaks in visits due to television advertising effects or any reason that leads to your website receiving thousands of visits in a short time. Obviously everything has a limit, but at performance level with volume of visits, we are seeing improvements of 70% in response time compared to the same hardware with SATA disks.

By going from disk failure incidents of 2% with SATA disks to 0.2% with NVMe SSDs, we get more uptime and fewer problems for everyone.

I already have a website. Which plan do I need to buy?

It depends on the disk space you currently use in your hosting

One plan or another will suit you according to that. Our plans range from 11 GB to 44 GB.

Here are their features: WordPress hosting

If you buy a plan and then need more space, you can request an upgrade.

When you change you’ll only pay the price difference, of course, and we’ll discount the days you’ve already paid from the current plan.

If you need a plan with more than 44 GB, please contact us at so we can offer you other service options.

I’m going to create a new website from zero. Which plan do I need to buy?

Don’t complicate things. If you are going to create a simple website, you can start with the Mini plan and upgrade if you need it.

If, in addition to hosting, you are looking for specific technical support for your website – WordPress or Joomla – then the plans that provide you with access to CMS support are the Medium plan and above.

I’m going to create an online store. Which option do you recommend: PrestaShop, WordPress or Joomla?

There is no simple answer. It depends on any special operations you may be require; the extension may only exist for one of the three tools.

We can give you a generic response for a standard store: we currently believe that WooCommerce (WordPress) is the best option compared to others.

I want to move my current website to your hosting service. What does the process involve?

You can transfer your WordPress or Joomla to our hosting with SuperMigrator for free.

The website to be transferred must be working in a URL accessible from the Internet, and you need to have the FTP access data.

Here is the information on SuperMigrator, so you can take advantage of all the possibilities and avoid confusion or problems with your transfer: Click here to learn about SuperMigrator.

Can I have more than one website in the same hosting service?

Yes, with no problem. You can host two websites in the WordPress Mini hosting plan, and the Medium and Maxi plans have no limits on the number of websites.

In Elastic hosting plans you can have all the websites you need, with independent domains or subdomains. The only limitation is the total space you’ve bought.

In the case of High Capacity plans – M, L and XL plans – you do have a limited number of domains you can host.

Can I host any type of website?

Our hosting is optimized for WordPress and Joomla to work well, fast, and securely.

The support we can give you will be limited to these 2 tools

But yes, you can install other types of websites, such as HTML pages or websites requiring PHP and MySQL such as Moodle, Magento, Drupal or a simple website made with DreamWeaver.

What don’t work in our hosting, for example, are applications that need Ruby. We don’t support scripts such as Fedena, Python, Node, DotNetNuke and Rails on our servers. Check before buying to confirm whether your application will work on our servers.

We don’t host pornographic websites or online games. This isn’t a moral issue 🙂

These types of websites suffer a proportionally much higher volume and frequency of attacks than others. So, we don’t accept those kinds of content in our hosting as a security measure for the rest of our customers.

Of course, neither do we host content that is illegal under Spanish laws such as websites linking to content with intellectual property, for example.

Can I use any plugin, module, or extension?

Yes, as long as it’s not vulnerable in terms of security, because we do reserve the right to block operation to protect your website from severe damage.

Don’t download templates, plugins, or modules other than from the official developer; it is wrong, illegal, and you may also suffer problems with security and operation.

If I buy WordPress hosting, can I install other types of websites?

Yes, you can buy a WordPress hosting plan and then install Joomla or other websites that require PHP, Linux, or MySQL. You won’t need to change the service or make any changes at a technical level.

Help! My website has been hacked. Can I move it to your hosting service?

Yes, of course you can. When you buy any hosting plan you can move your website hosted on another server to our hosting service and, if it is infected, the transfer process itself will perform cleaning on the website at no additional cost.

We have systems to stop specific attacks for WordPress and Joomla on our servers, but it is also important for you to keep the versions of your website updated, as well as the plugins, extensions, and template. Other measures you need to take into account are:

  • Have good antivirus software on the computer you are going to use to connect to web administration and keep it up to date.
  • Use strong passwords for web administrators.

What security measures do you have on your servers?

The following are the main ones, although there are some we can’t publish for security reasons 😉

We work with CloudLinux, which lets us isolate each account with the same isolation principles as used in LVE virtualization.

We have special security measures for WordPress and Joomla. We customize these by checking the security warnings we receive daily about vulnerabilities identified and through our own monitoring of our servers.

We have real-time applications that analyze all the files uploaded to hosting to make sure they have no malware or suspicious code.

We have preventive measures to stop brute-force attacks on Joomla, WordPress, or PrestaShop, denying access to administration to IP addresses of non-Spanish-speaking countries from where most attacks of this type originate. CAUTION: If you are traveling and want to gain access to your administration, contact our support to lift this safety rule.

We use systems to prevent Denial of Service attacks.

We block IP addresses which repeatedly attempt to log into your WordPress and Joomla administration with incorrect user names and passwords.

We have restrictive security measures in php to prevent the execution of commands that could put system security at risk.

We use commercial WAF application security rules from two different companies and these are updated daily on all servers.

We limit the use of resources per account to prevent one account from saturating the server and affecting other users.

By default, we don’t provide SSH access to clients. If you need to use it, we have the option of enabling it for clients who have a Mini, Medium or Maxi plan, an XL plan or a Professional Hosting plan (6 GB) or higher. You can request access by opening a technical department ticket from your client area.

We monitor all our services 24/7/365 and, in case of an incident, the systems automatically perform actions to resolve the incident and the System Administrators monitor the incident in real time. If we detect attempts to upload a malicious file or any type of hacking, we notify you immediately. We coordinate any measures that need be taken with you in this way.

If we detect Trojans, viruses, intrusion attempts, etc., our automatic systems block the user or IP address attempting those actions.

Weekly, we scan all the sites on each of our servers looking for suspicious strings, encrypted code, Trojans, viruses, hacks, suspicious files, backdoors, shells, etc. If we detect possible faults or infected files in your WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop, our technical support will notify you by email. This is how we prevent hacking and people with malicious intent. 😉

Although we can’t guarantee to locate 100% of possible hacking, because there is a constant struggle between System Administrators and hackers, we locate the intrusion in a very short time in 99% of cases.

If I mess up, how do I recover a backup?

Security is very important to us and that is why we make daily copies with SuperBackup of all our hosting accounts, among other measures. You’ll have backups from the last 30 days and you can easily retrieve them in just 2 clicks. Click here for further information on SuperBackup.

If your hosting account has been active for less time than that, you’ll have backups from all the days it has been active, logically.

No backups are stored on the same server as the original account, so they don’t take up any space in your hosting account and there is an additional guarantee in case of any problems on the original server.

As well as these backups made using SuperBackup, we have a second backup system that uses different software to make weekly WePanel copies of all accounts. These copies are stored on servers separate from the SuperBackup servers.

Thirdly, we have a replica system that copies all accounts: the databases are copied every 4 hours and the files are copied in the next 4 hours. This system is designed to cover a possible serious hardware failure in the original server. If this were to happen, we could put the services up on the replica server within 2 hours.

As you can see, we have 3 backup systems working at the same time, because we take the responsibility to protect the data we host on our servers very seriously.

Your data are always secure 🙂

Does the disk space include email?

Yes, the disk space offered with each of our hosting plans is the total space available to store files, databases, and email.

How many email accounts can I create?

You can create as many email accounts as you need.

There is no limitation on the number of accounts. You just need to consider the disk space available in your hosting plan.

Remember that the disk space offered with each of our hosting plans is the total space available to store files, databases, and email.

So, what about damn spam? 🙁

Our servers also have special measures to prevent them from using your hosting to send spam emails, and if we detect more movement than usual in your hosting at email level, a technician will check whether it is an unsolicited sending of spam or if you are making a mass mailing.

Bear in mind that we limit the number of emails per hour that can be sent, among other things to prevent them from sending bulk messages from your account and to monitor server performance.

You’ll have tools in your control panel to configure your own anti-spam filters.

Our system technicians keep checking server operation around the clock. When they detect excessive use in any hosting account, they start an analysis to see what’s happening in that account to prevent possible hacking attempts or denial of service attacks, for which we also have additional measures.

New domain registration is free, what is the cost of renewals?

See the price of renewals for all the domain extensions we currently manage below:

You can use our hosting with other domain extensions, but you’ll have to register the domain with another provider

Our is specialty is hosting 🙂

I already have the domain registered with another provider, can I use your hosting?

Yes, that’s not a problem. You’ll get a temporary domain so you can create or move your website without affecting the one you have.

To publish a website in our hosting service or use our mail server, you just need to modify the DNSs we’ll give you in your domain provider. It is a very simple modification and we’ll explain when to do it to avoid any loss of emails.

If you want to transfer management of the domain to Webempresa, the usual .com, .net, .org and .cat extensions require the provider of origin to unlock them and deliver a code called AuthCode or EPP. We’ll ask you for that code when you place your order. Domains with .es extension don’t need unlocking or AuthCode. They just need acceptance of the transfer request received at the email address that appears as an administrative contact.

When the transfer is completed, we add another year of renewal on the expiry date you have at that time.

Domain transfer and website transfer are independent services. The transfer doesn’t affect the website or the email you are using until the DNSs in the domain are modified.

Can I register or renew domains for more than one year?

We don’t offer this option at the moment. They can only be renewed in one-year cycles.

24x7x365 hosting support? How does that work?

Technical support is our strong point. We have technicians working 24 hours a day every day of the year, ready to help you

You can see full information on how we can help you from here:

We don’t have phone or chat for technical support. Our ticket system is efficient and continually improving. Our average response time is 1 hour, although where the priority level is critical, we act immediately.

How can I access support for my website?

If you sign up for a Medium or Maxi hosting plan, or you have an L or XL plan, or a Professional Elastic hosting plan (6 GB) or higher, in addition to the support on your hosting, you can ask our specialists questions about WordPress and Joomla.

We don’t offer customized support on tools other than WordPress and Joomla.

Can I get SEO support from you?

We are specialists in hosting for WordPress and Joomla. Hosting is important for SEO because a fast-loading website can improve your Google ranking.

But we don’t offer services, such as SEO, in which we’re not specialists. So we recommend you consult one of our collaborators: Network of Collaborators

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You can try our service risk-free. You have 45 days to ask us to refund the amount you paid for your hosting.

You also have 45 days after renewing hosting to ask us for your money back.

We refund in full, without conditions. It isn’t in our interest to have clients who don’t find our service useful or who are dissatisfied.

Careful with domains!

Domain registrations or transfers aren’t refundable, because we have costs with the registration agents who we have to pay when registering the domain or ordering the transfer 🙁


You can make payments by credit card or PayPal.

If you are outside Spain, you can use PayU, which allows for specific forms of payment for Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.