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lige un dominio relacionado con tu actividad o con tu marca

Choose a domain related to your business or brand

Your domain name needs to make it easy to recognize you. If you already have a brand, you can use it, or you can create one for your website. It is also a good idea to use words related to your business or activity.
Los nombres cortos y sencillos son más fáciles de recordar

Short, simple names are easier to remember

Try to use simple words and make sure the domain name doesn’t have too many characters. Your domain name will mean your customers or visitors know how to get to your website, so you need to make it very easy to remember and to enter.
Utiliza las extensiones de dominio más adecuadas para tu web

Use the most suitable domain name extensions for your website

The .com extension is the most commonly used, but you can choose any other that is appropriate to your website. If you register your domain with multiple extensions, you will protect your brand so that no one else can use it.

What domain name extensions can you register

We have multiple options for your brand to be positioned on the web.


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Services included with your domain

Panel de control

Control panel

When you activate your domain you will have access to a control panel from which you can manage all the changes you need: Modify DNSs, edit and hide Whois data, lock and unlock your domain, renew it, etc.

Panel de control

Whois data privacy

Activating free Whois privacy on your domains will prevent display of your personal data in search engines. This option is not available for .es domains because the regulations for them don’t allow it.

Panel de control

Security lock

Your domain will be more secure with transfer locking, because you will prevent anyone else from transferring it to another provider without your authorization. You can lock and unlock your domain whenever you need to.

Panel de control

Domain redirecting

If you register your domain in Webempresa without buying a hosting service, you can activate a free Domains Plan. This plan will enable you to edit the DNS zones for your domains and set up redirects in domains and subdomains.

Panel de control

Free parking page

If you don’t buy a hosting service for your domain, you can publish a free parking page with the Domain Plan. You can use this page to publish your contact information or a countdown to the publication of your website, for example.

Panel de control

24-hour, year round support

We know how important it is to be able to call on someone quickly when you need them most. That’s why our support team is available to help you 24 hours a day, year round (including weekends and holidays).


Frequently asked questions about domain names

No promises, what you need are facts 😉
¿Por qué migrar tu WordPress a Webempresa?

What is a domain name?

A short, snappy definition would be: the name of your website. What you type into the browser to find a web page and what enables you to have personalized email accounts. But going a little deeper, you can think of it as your brand on the Internet. It is important to choose a good domain name, as it will be the name representing you in the online world.

If we focus on the technical part, a domain is a name or set of characters permitting linking to an IP address on a server where the contents of a website or email accounts are hosted. So, to reach a web page in your browser, or to send and receive personalized emails, you just need to enter the domain name and not an ugly, difficult to remember IP address.

Why do I need a domain?

If you want to have a website or create personalized email accounts, you need a domain. You can also buy a domain name just to protect your brand, to prevent anyone else from registering it. To create a website or have email accounts, you need two things: a domain and a hosting plan. The domain will be the name of your website and the ending after the @ symbol the name of the email accounts. For example, info@mydomain.com.

The web hosting service is a space on an Internet server where the contents of your website and your email accounts reside.

You need to have both parts active and linked to the DNSs so your website is visible and your emails can be received and sent normally.

¿Qué es WordPress?
¿Qué debe tener un Alojamiento WordPress?

How do I choose a good domain name?

It’s hard, isn’t it? Here are some tips:

  • Choose as short and clear a name as possible for easy recall.
  • Avoid special characters, such as ñ, hyphen, accents, etc.
  • Don’t use trademarks or trade names (unless you are the owner)
  • Prioritize your goal. If your goal is to draw traffic, we recommend including the search keyword in Google. If your goal is to focus on a local area, include the locality so that the geolocation predominates. If your goal is the brand, include the name of the brand to make it stand out.

Why do I need to buy a domain?

A web domain is the unique name you give your project so users can find you on the internet. In addition, you will also use it in your professional email address. Therefore, the task of buying a domain is essential when you decide to start a digital project.

The investment you have to make when buying a domain is within the reach of any pocket. For example, at Webempresa you can register a domain for only €12.99. And if you contract your hosting plan with us, we’ll give it to you for free during the first year. You just have to register your domain and it’s yours. 😉

¿Por qué necesito comprar un dominio?
¿Cuánto tiempo lleva comprar un dominio?

How long does it take to buy a domain?

The action of registering a domain goes beyond clicking the buy domain button. First of all you have to:

  • Think carefully about your domain name. Once you carry out the action of registering a domain, there is no going back.
  • Check if it is available. Think in more than one direction to always have a plan B (and even C) on hand in case your first option is not available.
  • Choose which will be the extension in which you are going to register the domain. Always choose the one that best suits your needs. You can also buy domains or register domains with the same name but with different extensions to further expand your industry.

Once you have chosen the name and verified that it is available in the extension you need, all you have to do is access the domain registrar provider and buy your domain in one click.

Can I rename a domain?

Domains are unique and non-transferable. That is, if you decide to change the name of a domain, you will have to buy a domain with the new address and point your website to the new domain, since the previous domain registration will remain active during the period for which you have contracted.

In addition, you have to take into account that even if the content of the web is the same, the search engines will treat the page as a new one by having a different address with the new domain registration.

¿Puedo cambiar el nombre de un dominio?
What types of domains are there?
Domains can be categorized into two main groups: generic and country code. A third category of domains called sponsored can also be added. Let’s explain the details:

– Generic or gTLD: These are domains that do not belong to a country or territory. Examples are the .com, .org and .info extensions. There is an entity that markets each extension or group of extensions, but the rules and regulations on these extensions are established by the worldwide organization responsible for domains called ICANN.

– Country code or ccTLD: These belong to a country or territory. Examples of country domains are those containing the .es, .mx or .eu extensions. Each extension has a corresponding body which sets the rules for each extension. For example, the entity that sets the regulations for .es domains is Red.es or ESNIC.

– Sponsored: These are territorial because they belong to a region, country or territory, but they follow the regulations for generic extensions. The .cat, .eus extensions are examples of these types of extensions. For example, the entity or registry for a .cat domain is PuntCat, but the regulations and procedures for this extension are implemented by ICANN.

What domain name extensions can I register with Webempresa?
In Webempresa you can register a domain with the following extensions: .com ,.es, .com.es, .org.es, .eu, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .tel, .cat, .com.mx, .mx, .co, .com.co, .tv.

You can try different options and choose the one you want in the registration process, which you can start a bit further up the page. 😉

Can I register a domain with special characters?
They can contain special symbols (such as ñ, ç or an accent) and are called IDN (Internationalized Domain Name) domains.
The domain name is registered as you have it written and will be valid for normal use, but a translation into a different format needs to be performed so the different services can work with the domain.
For example, the españa.com domain translates to xn--espaa-rta.com, and that will be how it appears for services, such as email. Personally, we don’t recommend it.
How can I tell if a domain name is already registered or occupied?
You can use the search engine at the start of the page. 😉 If it is registered or occupied you will get a message to tell you it cannot be registered because it belongs to another person or company. If it is free, you can then start registration. If it is, don’t delay too long thinking about it. Someone could take it from you in a matter of seconds from anywhere in the world. 😉
What are DNSs?
The Domain Name Server (DNS) system is designed to make it easier to access a site on the Internet. The IP addresses are used to find Internet websites, as they are hosted on a server or host (of type). The DNS translates those numbers into domain names, such as webempresa.com.

So, when someone enters the website name in the address bar of their browser, the DNSs assigned in the domain perform the translation to an IP address.

This means you can access the website through the domain name. You are also using the DNSs to direct the traffic to the server where your domain website and/or emails are hosted.

Can I register a domain without creating a website?
Of course you can. 🙂 It is true that you need to register a domain in order to create a website or have email accounts. It is not mandatory to add a hosting plan or web hosting or other additional services though. You can register a domain name simply to protect your brand on the Internet and so prevent other users or companies from owning it.
Can I register more than one domain?
Yes. You can register all the domains you want in your name provided they are available. There is no limit to the number of domains you can register. In fact, it is advisable to take possession of several domains related to your brand or your business to avoid others registering them before you. 😉 For example, have different extensions such as .com, .org, .net, .info, etc.
Can I swap the domain to another once I have registered it?
No, you cannot change the domain name when you have registered it. When you submit a domain registration request to the registrar or domain provider, they complete the application through the appropriate official entity within minutes. From that time the domain is registered in your name worldwide for the period you choose when signing up, and you cannot request a change to a different domain.
Can I change the domain data once I have registered it?
Yes 🙂 You can change your domain data in our control panel completely free as many times as you like. When registering or transferring a domain, you must indicate some data during the signing up process that will be associated with it as contacts for the domain (holder, administrative, technical, and billing representatives). When you manage the domain with us, you can make changes to data for these contacts easily and free of charge.
Are there any rules or requirements for registering a domain?
It depends on the extension. For so-called generic domains (not belonging to any country or territory), such as .com, .info, .org or .net, there is no registration requirement or criterion. They can be registered by any user as long as they are available. For country domains though (those belonging to a region, country or territory), there are rules for registration. We will give some examples:
– For .es domains the administrative contact must be a natural person or individual.
– For .eu domains the postal address must be in a European country.
– For .cat domains, the website must be published entirely in Catalan.

Tools to help you manage your domains

Buscador Whois

Whois lookup

Use our lookup to view Whois public contact data for a domain.
You can check out the data for any domain registered, but please be aware that no personal data will be displayed if the domain has Whois privacy enabled.
Propagación DNS

DNS propagation

When the DNSs for a domain are updated, the change can take up to 24 hours to fully propagate across the Internet. Our tool lets you check the DNS propagation status of your domains and see the areas where the change has been applied.
Reporte de casos de abuso

Reporting cases of abuse

If you notice a case of abuse or infringement related to a domain managed by Webempresa, please use our contact form to report it. Our legal team will check it and contact you as soon as possible to give you a response.
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